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Classroom Feud
Download (smartphone enabled)

I have been having a great time setting it up! It is so user friendly that I can whip through the set up in no time! I am also thrilled with the options of the music, logo, etc. I think my class is going to have a great time with this and I will be able to customize it for many classes in the future!

I just want to send you a GREAT BIG THANK YOU!!

"I tried the software last week and people loved it. Quite a deal. I had so much resistance when I came up with this idea. There were people that refused to take part, but once they were there, got totally caught up in it. It was an excellent tool for review training."
"I just received my order for two of your classroom games. They are wonderful!  . . . Thanks for your help and for creating software to help keep kids motivated! "
"Thanks so much for helping us out. I have contacted the Becky to let her know you really came through for us. I am going to make sure it is working for them in the morning. You are the very best and I wish you the best of luck in your future ventures.
"Thanks for your excellent software and outstanding technical support!"

Great review game patterned after the popular TV game show!

Oh, by the way, there's a new Feud in town!
One of recent customers said it best:
"Our Rotary Survey Says event was another great success this year." (March 26, 2013)
Buzz in with any iPhone or android device.
Classroom Feud
Recommended on FDM
"A Family-Feud Style Computer Game"

Just Released
    Our latest classroom and training software package, Concentration has just been released. It has some very unique features along with the usual features offered with all of our software (including the complete ability for an instructor to customize the games according to his or her course content. Patterned after the TV show, Concentration promises to be a favorite of our customers.

     Classroom Feud is patterned after the TV game of similar name. It is designed to provide an interesting review game for any size group. It's perfect for any subject where short answers are desired. Turn your monitor to face the class (or start your projection system) and have a blast!

     Classroom Feud allows the operator complete control in providing the survey questions and answers.  It is ideal for any type of setting, whether it would be for the classroom, a business training setting, or for family fun.
    The ninth major revision of software we have been developing for over 15 years, Classroom Feud allows the operator complete control to make your own questions and answers. It is ideal for any type of setting . . . a classroom . . . a business training setting, or just for family fun! Classroom Feud is for Windows-based computer systems (Windows XP or newer is required).
 Complete customization of the Classroom Feud game board
 Buzz in with your iPhone or Android device
 Change the game logo to your logo
 Full Smart Board and interactive White Board support
 You become the master of ceremonies by supplying all the survey questions and answers prior to "airtime"
  Face-off, Single Points Round , Double Points Round and Triple Points Round
 Computerized Fast Money Round (new !)
 Simple input of questions and answers
 Automatic scoring
Actual Game Screen Shot
 Dual monitor support    
  Wired and  Wireless Buzzer support (buzzers)
  Lively music
New with Ultimate version   (January 2018)    Sophisticated Dual Monitor Support!
  • All commands performed off-screen for professional appearance.*
  • Classic Feud.
  • Group Feud (play with up to 20 players/teams).*
  • Reverse Feud (play with up to 20 players/teams).*
  • Use smartphones and devices to buzz-in.

* Suggested by one or more customers of previous versions.

New with version 9.0           (November 2013)                         Smart Phone Enabled ! !
  • Buzz into the game with your iPhone or android device.*
  • Resizeable game screens - major screens can be adjusted to any size monitor and any resolution.
  • New and improved game screen (see above).
  • Easier game setup and screens.
  • During Fast money, the survey answers are revealed one by one.*
  • Hot keys during the game. Some asked for a more professional appearance. So we added several "hot keys" to avoid using the mouse. Thus Classroom Feud looks more like a TV presentation.*
  • Return from these 'hot key' screens by use of the space bar (further minimizing the on-screen mouse).
* Suggested by one or more customers of previous versions.
New with version 8.5           (August 2011)                                                                              
  • Customized team names (you did want the Hatfields to feud against the McCoys, right?)
  • Cleaner game screen appearance.
  • Sharper graphics for many of the game screens!
New with version 8.0           (June 2010)
  • Longer questions (100 characters) and answers (30 characters).
  • Improved support for dual monitors and projectors.
  • Higher screen resolution (1024 x 768).
  • Flashier scoreboard for winning team.
  • Improved question and answer input.
New with version 7.5           (October 2009)
  • Full Smart Board and Interactive White Board support
  • Move game screens to locations of your choosing
  • Replace Face-Off screen graphic to user's option
New with version 7.0           (September 2006)
  • Computerized Fast Money Round ( completely new ! )
  • Completely redesigned Gameboard
  • Support for gamepads
  • Face-lift of most screens
New with version 6.0           (March 2004)
  • Much improved Face-off round
  • Automatic Pass or Play determination
  • Face-lift of most screens
New with version 5.5           (August 2004)
  • More sound options (60 new sounds by choosing "sound personalities")
  • Improved Windows installation interface
  • One click license request via internet
New with version 5.0           (June 2004)
  • Record and use your own sounds (or download sounds from the internet and use them)
  • Even sharper graphics
  • Sound options with a single click
New with version 4.0           (June 2002)
  • Support for different logos (besides Classroom Feud). Design your own logo and replace the Classroom Feud logo with yours
  • Simpler user interface
New with version 3.0           (December 2001)
  • Easier input of questions and answers
  • Complete facelift
  • Better graphics
  • More sounds
  • Easier to implement the sound
Complete Customization -
Add Your Own Logo to Classroom Feud
Example Logo
Best viewed in 800x600 resolution
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