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Classroom Millionaire

I have been having a great time setting it up! It is so user friendly that I can whip through the set up in no time! I am also thrilled with the options of the music, logo, etc. I think my class is going to have a great time with this and I will be able to customize it for many classes in the future!

I just want to send you a GREAT BIG THANK YOU!!

"I tried the software last week and people loved it. Quite a deal. I had so much resistance when I came up with this idea. There were people that refused to take part, but once they were there, got totally caught up in it. It was an excellent tool for review training."
"I just received my order for two of your classroom games. They are wonderful!  . . . Thanks for your help and for creating software to help keep kids motivated! "
"We're using it in our residency training programs such as Emergency Room, Pediatrics and Internal Medicine. Congratulations on a very nice product."
"Thanks for your excellent software and outstanding technical support!"

A Variation of TV's Millionaire Game
Now works with Wireless Buzzers ! ! !

Just Released
    Our latest classroom and training software package, Concentration has just been released. It has some very unique features along with the usual features offered with all of our software (including the complete ability for an instructor to customize the games according to his or her course content. Patterned after the TV show, Concentration promises to be a favorite of our customers.

    Classroom Millionaire is a game for an entire group of contestants that is patterned after the TV game of similar name. The object is for a contestant to get as many correct answers as possible, without a wrong answer, thereby moving higher on the prize level.

     Classroom Millionaire provides for a systematic and interesting review exercise for any group. The moderator tailors the game to his/her needs by supplying the questions and answers prior to 'going live'.
     Classroom Millionaire allows the operator complete control in devising questions, answers and prizes. It is ideal for any type of setting, whether it would be for classroom, business purposes, or for family fun! Classroom Millionaire is for Windows based machines.
 Complete customization of the Classroom Millionaire game board
 Change the game logo to your logo
 All questions and answers are supplied prior to 'airtime' by you, the instructor
  Fastest Keyboard round to determine next participant
  Simple input of questions and answers
 Support for up to 4 contestants (and or teams)
 Great graphics
 Answers are displayed in large letters for the entire class to see
Actual Game Screen Shot
 Lively music    
 Wireless Buzzer support (buzzers)
  Wired Buzzer support (buzzers)
 Support for other buzzer systems (email us for our recommendations)
New with version 7.5           (August 2011)
New with version 7.0           (October 2009)
New with version 6.5           (April 2009)
  • Full Smart Board and Interactive White Board support.
  • Improved and cleaner 'help' during the game.
  • Control of location of team answer buttons.
New with version 6.0           (April 2008)
  • Updated and sharper graphics.
  • Support for up to 4 contestants (or teams).
  • Onboard contextual help.
  • Automatic scorekeeping.
  • Automatic Powerline tracking.
New with version 5.5           (January 2003)
  • Improved Windows XP installation interface.
  • One click license request using the internet.
New with version 5.0
  • Support for Windows XP.
  • Support for different logos (besides Classroom Millionaire). Design your own logo and replace Classroom Millionaire logo with yours.
New with version 4.0
  • Variable font sizes, adjusts for length of questions and answers.
  • Icon support during editing of questions.
  • More music and sound effects.
  • Record and use your own sounds (or download sounds from the internet and use them).
New with version 3.0           (December 2001)
  • Easier input of questions and answers
  • Complete facelift
  • Better graphics
  • More sounds
  • Easier to implement the sounds
Complete Customization -
Add Your Own Logo to Classroom Feud
Example Logo
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