No Whammies!



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No Whammies !

Classroom Suite
(3 licenses)

Classroom MegaSuite
(5 licenses)
Customer Testimonials
"This software is not only awesome, but highly customizable!!! Great for challenges as well as education!!!"
"Nice SW, good value compared with competitive products . . . "
"Thanks for your excellent software and outstanding technical support!"
"Thanks for the great games and the fun and help they have already been to my students. "
     Want some added enthusiasm for review games? Try No Whammies! With some interesting wrinkles, No Whammies! will charge up your classroom or reveiw session.
     As with all of our games, the instructor has complete control of the questions, the point values and the number of times your contestants will get "whammied". Download and try it! We think you'll like it!
No Whammies
Recommended on FDM

 Complete customization of the No Whammies! game board

Actual Game Screen Shot
 Change the game logo to one of your graphic files

 Simple question setup (you can have a complete game ready to go in under 15 minutes)

 Ten Toss-up questions, 20 Chance-It questions per round
 Ability to play multiple rounds, by doubling or tripling the point values
 Simple input of questions and answers

 Answers are displayed in large letters for the entire class to see

 Support for up to 4 players (or teams)
 Automatic scoring with variable point values
 Support for up to 2 keyboards (we recommend the P.I. Engineering - Y-Key, Key Dual Keyboard Splitter available from, search for "splitter")
 Support for 2 USB gamepads. We have found that just about any USB gamepad will work (even the 'cheapies from Wal-mart').
 Great graphics
 Five music 'personalities' are supplied
 Lively music
 Ability to add your own MP3 and Graphics files
Best viewed in 800x600 resolution
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