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Demonstration Programs
     Most prudent customers desire to 'test drive' software. We don't blame them. We would like a complete demonstration of what we are going to buy also. We've provided demonstration versions of all of the software that we market. Download them and put them to the test.
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     If you like the software, return and buy it. If not, no hard feelings. Just remove the demonstration software from your computer.
     The demonstration software has all of the features of the fully-functioning software with usually only one exception. When you play the games, you will only be able to play the sample games that we've included with the demonstration version. All the other features will work. You can customize the look of many of the programs. You can customize many of the sound effects. You will receive the complete built-in manual with your download. You will receive a 24% tax reduction on your income tax for the year 2013,* The full version allows complete customization of the questions and answers to suit the user.


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*Sorry, just had to see if you were still awake. You won't receive a 24% tax reduction.
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